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We cater for people who wishes to get the BEST quality opals or the unique jewelry design with a piece of mind knowing that custumer is number one and nothing is impossible. You can be assured you get it at a very reasonable price as we also supply to wholesale opal dealers and jewelers who needs that special piece to express they craftmentship. [/span4] [span1][/span1] [span3][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme2799/images/d.png” banner_link=”blog” title=”Solid Opals” text=”Australian Black Opals, Crystals, Boulder opal Cabochons and Cravings.” btn_text=”more” target=”_self”][/span3] [span4][vr][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme2799/images/b.png” banner_link=”portfolio” title=”Opal Jewelry” text=”Look some of our regullar and unique Jewelry desings” btn_text=”more” target=”_self”][/vr][/span4] [/row]

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4870 QLD Australia
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Ivan Nova Authentic Jersey